Spanish Made Guardian1 Satellite Soars into Orbit Lift-Off Achieved

"Spain's Homegrown Satellite Successfully Launched by SpaceX, Begins Earth Surveillance"

Spanish Made Guardian1 Satellite Soars into Orbit Lift-Off Achieved
Falcon 9 Rockets Guardian1 into Space at 20.34 Mainland Spain Time

A monumental achievement unfolds as Spain's domestically engineered satellite, the Guardian1, is now operational in orbit, capturing thermal images of our planet. The satellite, developed by Spanish firm Aistech Space, embarked on its journey via a Falcon 9 rocket from Cape Cañaveral, Florida, completing its launch in precisely eight minutes and 45 seconds.

Lifting off at 20:34 mainland Spain time (19:34 in the Canary Islands), the Guardian1 positions itself at an orbit altitude of 550 kilometers above the Earth, drawing energy from solar panels to power its operations.

Equipped with a cutting-edge thermal imaging camera, akin to those deployed in airports during the pandemic, the Guardian1 captures heat-related images, color-coded to depict varying temperatures. This technology holds great promise in aiding climate change research by closely monitoring its impact on Earth's landscapes.

The satellite's capabilities extend further as it turns its focus towards preventing and managing forest fires. By delivering real-time, detailed information, the Guardian1 empowers ground-based emergency services to effectively combat and control fires, often identifying them at their early stages when damage potential is limited.

A groundbreaking collaboration between Aistech Space and SpaceX sets the stage for launching an additional four satellites, each equipped with thermal imaging cameras, scheduled between January and April 2023.

Aistech Space has already positioned two satellites in orbit, these serving a unique purpose of detecting airborne aircraft in regions with limited or no communication signals.

Notably, each satellite features an integrated, bi-directional Internet of Things (IoT) system, facilitating data collection from Earth through ground-based sensors.

In tandem with this remarkable feat, Aistech Space engages with various regional Spanish governments, as well as national administrations in Andorra and Canada, to pinpoint high-risk areas susceptible to forest fires.

The launch and operation of the Guardian1 bear testimony to Spain's technological prowess, marking a significant stride in space exploration and its practical applications.

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