Breakthrough: Movístar Unveils App to Thwart Car Theft

Telefónica, the national telecommunications leader, has introduced a groundbreaking anti-car theft mobile app that costs less than the price of a glass of wine per month.

Breakthrough Movístar Unveils App to Thwart Car Theft

Operating under the banner of Movístar, Telefónica's mobile and internet brand, this initiative is a collaborative effort involving Spain's prominent home security alarm provider, Prosegur, and the communications giant's in-car technology partner, Net4things. The innovative 'thief alert' system has been established to combat car theft.

For existing subscribers of Movístar's motoring technology service, Movístar Car, which is priced at €3 monthly, the supplementary Movístar Car Protect App is available for an additional €1.95.

This ingenious application empowers users to designate individuals authorized to operate their vehicle. These approved drivers' information is logged into the app via Bluetooth connections with their respective devices. Consequently, notifications will not be triggered if an individual with the owner's consent unlocks or starts the car.

However, the app will instantaneously alert the owner if an unauthorized or suspicious activity involving the vehicle occurs – such as an unregistered person attempting to drive or access it. Notifications can be delivered via text message, automated phone call, or the Movístar Car Protect App.

Upon receiving an alert, the car owner has a two-minute window to either cancel the notification or indicate whether the vehicle use or entry is genuinely suspicious. If the user confirms potential theft, an immediate alert is dispatched to Prosegur. This company specializes in intruder alarms linked to security personnel or police headquarters.

Consequently, law enforcement officials can initiate an investigation within two to three minutes of the car theft attempt. This swift response time means that even if a thief were to speed away immediately, they would still be confined to the local area or, at worst, within a 10-kilometer radius.

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